Sheffield Steel

This week, our Sheffield offices underwent a full make-over. The most exciting part for all of us, however; was that we commissioned a local steel craftsman, to beautifully craft our logo from Sheffield steel, this has been mounted on one of our walls. We really wanted to do something that recognised the history of the city and honoured the local craftspeople. In Kyoto, we are undertaking a similar activity by commissioning a local fabric specialist to recreate our logo from locally sourced fabrics from our main Japan offices that are based in the historical home of the traditional Kimono makers.
Even though this is just a small gesture, we are honoured to contribute to such a wonderful and traditional trade. The Sheffield Steel logo looks incredible in our office and it really is the focus of the room. The piece also works excellently with the new colour scheme of the office with beautiful hues of grey which harmonise wonderfully with the steel. All of this is accented with flecks of bright blue which really makes the office a wonderful atmosphere to work in.
Stephanie Parkinson, one of our Social Media Executives described the redesign as “very calming and relaxed”, possibly antithetical to the average marketing firm. Our Creative Director, Jason, described the room as ‘sophisticated and fun’. We hired local painters and decorators to design and finish the room and used local florists to bring some life to the desks.
We believe that it’s very important to honour and give back to the local communities wherever we operate. Sheffield is a dear place to us. It’s our northern home in the U.K and whilst we are one of many companies operating in our sector in this city, we have felt welcomed with open arms by the local business community. We feel so honoured to have such a beautiful piece of art and heritage watching over us as we work.
Mickey Spectrum
(Lead Illustrator, Sheffield Office)