Facebook’s Busy Week

The changes in online platforms are accelerating. They are developing into much bigger platforms with more amazing features that will appeal to a much bigger and wider audience around the world. One platform, in particular, has just announced many new features today that are bound to be popular with its many users around the world. From a new design to new camera features, Facebook has released many new updates this week for its many users all around the world.


  1. A New Design

A new makeover? Facebook has given its news feed a redesign to give it a much cleaner look. The goal is by getting rid of their blue accents and headers, it will help make the platform much easier to navigate around and more consistent. Another new change is that comment threads on posts are redesigned to look more like a message conversation. Instead of the comments being broken up the use of a simple line, they are now getting their own grey message bubble. The aim is to make it easier for their users to be able to see who’s replying to a given thread. Facebook also seems to be taking a page out of Twitter’s book and making the profile pictures similar to the ones on the Twitter platform by changing them from being a square to now being a circle. Another change they are making is related to something many people often get very frustrated with, the buttons. Who has experienced the trouble of trying to like the like button on their smartphone? Well, that will no longer be an issue as their like, comment and share button are now getting a new, simpler and larger design to make it easier to tap on the touchscreen.


2.  Messengers Assistant is now Rolling out to more Countries

Facebook messengers assistant, M, has now expanded to Australia, Canada, South Africa and the UK. M first became available in April with its ability to use machine learning to scan words used in conversations to recommend actions or services. It can cleverly suggest stickers, calendar events, sharing your location, saving a URL or video, initiate a voice or video call and sending best wishes when speaking to someone on their birthday. Clever right? It also has a third party extension that can make suggestions for Delivery.com food orders, Food Network recipes and Spotify music but it’s only available for now in the US.


3. New Facebook Features for Stories Camera

The ability to post stories on Facebook is still a fairly new feature we are all still getting used to and enjoying to use but with these new features, it is sure to become more popular than ever. Today, they have added the ability to go live, shoot 2-second gifs and share full-screen text posts on coloured backgrounds from the Facebook camera. With the new features, they have announced, it does show some similarity with Instagram stories which are popular with the teen audience. They hope these new features make the Facebook camera more flexible to use and more attractive to teenagers who are looking for more ways to share visually. Also, by combining camera reality face filters with the live feature, it could possibly make people more comfortable to broadcast since they won’t need to show their real face anymore.

In relation to these new features, Facebook has already offered coloured background to its users for status updates through the traditional composer. They have also tested the gif created in the camera last month as well as testing live via camera earlier this month. Facebook is set to officially roll out these features to all iOS and Android users.


4. Facebook’s Marketplace

Are you a big fan of Facebook’s Marketplace? Well, it may soon be expanding outside of the peer-to-peer sales. Facebook has now started to begin showing new daily deals on their mobile app for select users sourcing deals from eBay. The new partnership allows users to browse eBay deals inside of the Facebook app, but users must go to the eBay site to check them out. The daily deals feature is now set to roll out to select users, for now, to test how popular it will become with the users.

The Facebook Marketplace relaunched last fall, giving people a way to buy or sell things directly on Facebook. At the time it was considered a competitor of Craigslist and eBay which makes this new partnership even more unexpected. Facebook expanded the marketplace feature to 17 European countries including, to name a few, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, and Italy.


5. Facebook Personal Profiles and Facebook Pages

Facebook has become extremely popular within the business industry, with helping companies advertise and engage with their clients and customers. Now they have expanded the ability to do this so that you can advertise from your personal profile too. People now have the option to attach Facebook pages to their profiles. This will show which pages you manage and on the page, itself will show all the team members involved with the page. Good right?


6. Instagram’s Threaded Comments

Now, we all know how popular Facebook’s comment threads are right? But now they are getting used by other platforms too. Instagram has just introduced the features of threaded comments on to their platform. Its users can now reply to individual comments where previously you could only make a general comment under a picture. To start or participate in a thread, all you have to do is simply tap the reply button under an individual message and comment. The feature should potentially be useful for popular posts. The update is beginning to roll out through Instagram version 24 on iOS and Android, however, it might take a couple of weeks until it’s available o everyone. So, be patient guys and start updating the app now!